Fugitive ostriches invade city center (VIDEOS)

Dozens of ostriches enjoyed an unexpected day out in the city The residents of China’s Chongzuo City were amazed to see dozens of ostriches racing down the streets and highways taking advantage of unexpected freedom during the weekend. As a local ostrich farm owner later explained, around one hundred birds fled their pen after somebody accidentally or deliberately left the door open. The birds enjoyed freedom, or what some witnesses called an “ostrich marathon,” until local police stepped in to apprehend the fugitives. Nobody was injured in the incident, though some residents admitted that bumping into 100kg ostriches had not been the most pleasant experience. Footage of unusual scenes, captured by surprised locals, immediately went viral on social media. #Ostriches on the run! Over 100 ostriches ran away from a farm in Fusui County in southwest China’s Guangxi province, and people saw them sprinting on roads and highways on Saturday night. The farm owner says most of the ostriches have been brought back. pic.twitter.com/bV7aG3csLg— CGTN Global Watch (@GlobalWatchCGTN) January 9, 2022 About 100 #ostriches on Friday broke out of a farm and paraded on the streets of Chongzuo city, #Guangxi province, #China. Most of them have been captured, but some 20 are still at large. pic.twitter.com/FinOL9tyyj— Juan Yong (@JuanYong_JY) January 8, 2022

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