Four people are killed in a series of shootings perpetrated by an attacker in Denver and a nearby town in the U.S.

Police outside the Belmar Mall where a shooting suspect has killed several people in Lakewood, Colorado, U.S. - MICHAEL CIAGLO/GETTY IMAGES

Authorities confirmed that at least four people were killed in a series of shootings in Denver and nearby Lakewood, Colorado (center) later on Monday, indicating that the alleged perpetrator has died. Law enforcement agencies. 

Lakewood Police spokesman John Romero said the suspect killed four people and wounded three others, including a police officer, which Denver Police Chief Paul Pazin called a "murder spree."
"We think this man is responsible for this series of very violent incidents in downtown Denver," Parson said, explaining that the attacker opened fire in several places in Denver and Lakewood before being hit by police.

He said that after the first two shootings in Denver, several police officers confronted the suspect in the car, although the attacker managed to paralyze the patrol car and continued to escape, reaching Lakewood, where he launched another attack.

The man eventually escaped on foot and entered a hotel, where he opened fire on one of the workers who was injured and then on the agent, who was also hospitalized, according to the American newspaper The Denver Post.

Romero said that after this latest incident, another gunfight took place between the attacker and several agents, as a result of which he was killed. “We still don't know for sure whether it was at the hands of the Lakewood police or not, but his death has been confirmed,” he said.


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