How to Start Link Building if You’ve Never Tried Before

Link building

To the average outsider, link building seems intimidatingly complex. You’ll be in charge of placing links to your site with a delicate balance of brand visibility and subtlety, working with high-profile publishers, and dodging Google penalties at the same time. It’s a service that costs thousands of dollars per month to manage if you’re working with an external agency, so clearly it’s not something you can do yourself, right?

Start Link Building if You’ve Never Tried Before

The truth is, while link building is complicated, it’s also approachable, even if you’ve never tried the strategy before.
What Is Link Building?

Let’s start with a primer on what link building is. As the name suggests, it’s a way to construct links in a digital environment. With the right approach, you can place links with external publishers and other websites, pointing back to various pages on your website.